The Anatomy of the Dress Shoe I Oxford Shoe Guide

The Oxford is the epitome of elegance, style, and professionalism - a covetable must-have belonging to every gentleman’s time-honored, shoe collection. From meetings to moscow mules to marriage ceremonies, the Oxford is a smart choice to perfect your ensembles with ease.

Deriving from Scotland and Ireland, the Balmoral shoe (now referred to as the Oxford) originated from the Balmoral Castle. During the 1800’s the Balmoral was coined a new name, Oxford, as they became a men’s staple at Oxford University.

Today, there are several variations of the Oxford men’s shoe including the Derby. How can we identify the differences? What characteristics make an Oxford an Oxford?

Read on for the ultimate oxford shoe guide and all of your questions will be answered, gent!


How To Identify An Oxford Shoe

There are three things to look at when defining an Oxford, which include the cut, heel, and its lacing system. An Oxford men’s shoe sits under your ankle, has a low heel and its lacing system is closed.

the anatomy of the oxford shoe

The Oxford Shoe vs The Derby Shoe

If you aren’t a shoe aficionado, what’s an easy way to differentiate an Oxford from a Derby? The Lace system! An Oxford shoe has a closed lace system while the Derby has an open lace system. The Oxford’s lace system construction grants a snugger fit and sleeker silhouette, giving it a more formal appearance than the Derby.

Now that you know the difference between the Oxford and Derby, check out 3 Ways To Style Classic Oxfords.

difference between the oxford shoe and the derby shoe


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