Style vs Trends – Learn How To Create A Timeless Shoe Collection

While many use the words style and trend interchangeably, there is actually a difference between the two! Read on to learn what it truly means to be stylish and trendy, then check out our timeless footwear to keep in your shoe arsenal. 

What Does Being Stylish Mean?

A wise man once said, “Style is knowing who are you, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” That man was Orson Welles and we couldn't agree more! Style is independent of the latest trends. While stylish people may incorporate trends into their wardrobe here and there, men with style do not always adhere to trends. 

What Does Being Trendy Mean?

A man who is trendy pays attention to the most current fashions, typically seen on up to date influencers, featured in magazines, or online retailer’s newest arrivals section. While there is such a thing of being stylish and wearing the latest trends, most trend-hunters have unwavering loyalty to on-trend wear and let designers dress them.

Now that you know the difference between having style and being trendy, we’ve curated our top picks that you can never go wrong with. Keep scrolling to create a long-lasting shoe collection. 

Classic Wingtip
The Horvat Wingtip is the perfect amalgam of fine leather and smooth suede lending refined style. A classic wingtip design, hand-stitched details, and a stacked heel will take you from business to pleasure and all of those special occasions in between. 
Vintage Foundry Co. Horvat Oxford Wingtip
Styled by @dapperandwitt

Oxford in Session!

You can never go wrong with the Hal Oxford. Boasting a sleek design, slightly tapered profile and brogue details, these elegantly unite traditional style and contemporary edge for smart wear.

Vintage Foundry Co. Hal Oxford

Vintage Plaid
Whether you enjoy supple leather or buttery soft suede, available in olive or tan, the Murphy Monk Strap grants a nostalgic touch of plaid, traditional broguing, a double monk strap, and a statement heel. 
Vintage Foundry Co. Murphy Monk Strap
Styled by @stevetillystyle

The Man Mule
One single slip-on, endless possibilities! The luxury of leather, double monk-strap details & a burnished toe is all elegantly placed on the revolutionary Desmet Mule. From smart trousers to true blues, these mules will elevate your summer style in a cinch. 
Vintage Foundry Co.
Styled by @nyakehmason

Traditional Tassels
The Bianchi Loafer is handcrafted on an elegant leather profile, a vintage-inspired plaid upper & a tassel detail, perfect for work or the cigar lounge. 
Vintage Foundry Co. Bianchi Loafer
Styled by

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